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Finding Files to Submit

You can find custom content already on your computer by checking your hl2mp\downloads folder.

This folder has all the files required for any custom hl2dm server you joined, like xlauz.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\Download

Here you will find maps, sounds, sprays, models and more.

Recent Submissions

User Name File Name Date / Time
[CA] [null] Space Monkeysnake.zip2021-09-10 23:19:31
[US] Fudgiedm_june_060.bsp2021-07-01 16:15:23
[US] Fudgieww_017.bsp2021-06-09 16:47:17
UnresolvedSplatIntro.mp32021-06-04 19:32:11
UnresolvedSPQR.vtf2021-05-21 21:49:04
[CA] [null] Space Monkeyoc_helicave.bsp2021-05-21 17:49:58
[CA] [null] Space Monkeydmt1_basic_final.bsp2021-05-19 02:09:34
[CA] [null] Space Monkeydm_sniper_xlau_v2b72.bsp2021-05-18 22:35:29
[CA] [null] Space Monkeydm_xlauz_020.vmf2021-05-16 15:49:31
[US] RastanakMaterials.zip2021-05-14 21:04:15