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Here you will find a series of Tips and Tricks for Half Life 2 DeathMatch and Source games in general.
Some tips are specific to this server, but most will work on other servers as well.
If you would like to see more information on here please submit your comments and suggestions at help@xlauz.net

ESCAPE Key Not Working

Recently some systems do not respond correctly to ESCAPE key, making it impossible to nominate or vote.
If the Steam overlay is coming up on ESCAPE, follow the instructions here to change the overlay shortcut.
If that doesn't fix the problem, try using either one of the key combinations: SHIFT+ESC OR WINDOWS+ESC

Key Binding / Enabling Console

Key Binding is the terminology used for assigning a specific command to a Keyboard Key. Any command which can be typed in the Console window can be bound to a key.

First step in successfully binding a key is to enable your Console window. Go into your Options->Keyboard->Advanced menu and Tick the option to Enable Developer Console.

Once the console is enabled, you can use the ` OR ~ key on your keyboard (under the ESC on US keyboards).

Now that we can bring up the Console window, we're ready to type in our bind command, which has the following syntax: bind key "command". Here, we're using the command bind to bind the Keyboard Key called key to perform the action command. Note how command is in double quotes, if the command had no spaces the double quotes would not be necessary.

As a last example lets create a KeyBind to bind the F4 key to say Good Game (by typing gg in chat). For that we will need to use the say command and send in our gg text as an argument. Now "say gg" will be our second argument for the bind command. So the final command should look something like: bind F4 "say gg"

Note: Be careful that when you bind to a key you overwrite the existing binds for your controls. To check an existing bind simply type bind key with no argument. To remove a bind type unbind key Bonus Tip: Type cvarlist to display a list of all variables available from your console.


The table below has a list of useful commands and bindings which you can use in game. If you don't know what a KeyBind or the Console are, read the Key Binding section below to learn more.

Chat Console Description
n/abind x +sm_jetpackMake X key JetPack.
!settingsn/aAccess General Client Settings Menu.
helpn/aDisplay a list of stats related commands.
rankn/aDisplays your current rank.
sessionn/aDisplays current session data.
timeleftn/aDisplay time left.
rtvsm_rtvRequest vote for next map.
nominatesm_nominateNominate a map for RTV.
soundmenun/aDisplays a menu with sounds to play.
!stopn/aStops the currently playing sound.
!sm_adminsm_adminBrings up the Admin Menu (Admin-only).
n/abind m "play common/null.wav"Make M key saysound mute key (by PIL0T)
!sm_helpsm_helpDisplay a List of Sourcemod Commands
/chat msgsm_chat msgIn-Game Admin Chat
n/abind z toggle_zoomEnables you to Shoot with Suit Zoom Activated

Spawn Weapon

The player's spawn weapon is defined in a property called cl_defaultweapon. By changing the value of this property in the Console we can define the weapon with which we spawn.

Please note that this particular feature will only be compatible with the default spawn weapons of a particular server. On our servers we spawn with all weapons so all can be defined.

To change this property, bring up the Console (see Enabling Console for more info) and type the command cl_defaultweapon weapon_code. The different weapon_codes are provided in the table below for your reference.

So, resuming with an example...imagine you want to make the Magnum your default spawn weapon. For that you would type the following command into the console: cl_defaultweapon weapon_357

...and that's it! You're good to go. As mentioned earlier some features will not work equally across all servers/games and this is certainly one of them.

Weapon Codes

Magnum .357weapon_357
9mm Pistolweapon_pistol
Pulse Riffleweapon_ar2
Gravity Gunweapon_physcannon


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