xLauz Place Donations

Contributions will help in keeping the server live for as long as possible.
Contributors will have special privileges such as personalized say sounds and more.
NOTE: If you choose to Donate, please add your Player Name in the notes for reference.

Thank you all for helping keep the servers going!


This is the Honorary section for the top 3 running contributors over the past 12 months.


[null] Space Monkey


Thank you once again for supporting the server and helping it stay up and running!

Credits (Last 12 months)

Shoutout to everyone who has been helping out with keeping the server live!

Date Soldier Amount
Oct 2020Hans50
Oct 2020BuzzBuzz50
Aug 2020benivey20
Jul 2020Jordan Friday20
Jul 2020[null] Space Monkey70
Jun 2020BuzzBuzz50
May 2020GaylordFocker20
Mar 2020benivey25


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