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find bike trails

Highlighted (green) map sections are Hints for hidden sections.
Ask an Admin to enable Hints if you want to get familiar with a map.
To initiate a vote for change of map type RTV.
To choose a map for RTV list type NOMINATE.
To play a sound type it's name in chat (type soundmenu for a list).
Type Top10 for stats page or type help for stats menu.
Type motd to bring up this page and use the top menu bar for more info.


- Respect everyone and have fun
- No going outside or under map playing area
- Teleport mining expected (throw a nade first)
- You can camp but you must move every 5 kills
- You must be 13 or older to play on this server


Soldier Rank
[DE] (OWB) SaulCadets
[GB] Basil The Cat ?Cadets
[US] <:CS:>OimpastatoCadets
[US] IanSr0082Cadets
[US] joimpastatoCadets
[US] KrittykatCadets
[US] RastanakCadets
[US] Salty LongshanksCadets
[US] Splat!Cadets
[AU] -[AS]-sobiCaptains
[US] MerovingianCaptains
[US] [ZF] DaggerIxurCaptains
[CA] [null] Space MonkeyMarshal
[GB] ?? Dr BuzzPatrons
[IT] ranllrgPatrons
[US] DeedoePatrons
[US] PeterPatrons
[US] O????I???`Patrons
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